Designer's Notes

We design in our studio in Hellebæk, surrounded by the beautiful sea and forests of North Zealand, Denmark. All our prints are hand-painted, inspired by nature and the everyday life surrounding us. We want to remain curious and believe that creativity and play bring the best ideas to life.

As nature serves as our main muse, it constantly reminds us to prioritise the preservation of our planet for future generations. We choose only natural, sustainable and ethically produced materials from GOTS-certified suppliers.

We produce in limited quantities to combat overproduction and encourage the ethos of buying less but choosing better quality. To reinforce this commitment, we uphold a no-season policy and no minimum order quantities.

Our love of our craft is our desire to contribute to a happy and harmonious family life. We hope you will take great pleasure in your Dear April products and pass them on for continued use once they have served their original purpose.

Designer at Dear April