About us

Dear April is a Danish-based design company that believes in playful expression, timeless and functional design, fun details, passionate craftsmanship and stories to tell.

We love


Above all, we love spring. It's that magical time when nature bursts forth in colourful greens, erasing the muted palette of winter. The scent of fresh air mingled with the fragrant blossoms; the sun's first warmth fills us with hope and anticipation for the upcoming summer.


in a bottle

At Dear April, we celebrate the vital spirit of spring and the positive energy it brings to our lives. It represents a letter written to a dear friend or a wish released into the wind, carried away on the delicate tufts of a dandelion.

Our symbol is a message in a bottle, embodying the essence of time and tranquillity. It reminds us to embrace a slower pace, cherishing the moments that truly matter. We believe in savouring each experience without the need to rush or optimise.